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The House


Casa Hogar Estrella is a Christian home for girls who have been rescued by the Mexican social services because of situations of abuse and neglect.  We house up to 20 girls, providing them with the basic loving care that they have never had, such as nutritious meals, medical care, and a quality education. 

Beyond providing a loving family environment, our goal is to help them discover God's unique plan for their lives and to give them the tools they need to pursue it.  We encourage the girls to take the opportunity to stay with us after their 18th birthday in order to continue their studies through university.  

These opportunities give them a way to break the cycle of poverty that they were born into and can help them to make lasting changes in their communities. 


The School


In Mexico, approximately 69% of teens enter high school and in Baja California less than 40% of those graduate. Access to good schooling is hard to find and for this reason there is a lack of interest among the youth.

This is why we began Colegio Estrella de la Manana, a Christian school for children, from preschool to high school. We believe that without a proper education the people of Mexico will never move beyond their current circumstances. 

At Colegio Estrella we teach art and academics, but most importantly we teach the students about God: his character and his love for them. We want to develop these young people into intelligent and confident men and women of God who live their lives with integrity and love for their fellow man. Nearly half of the Mexican population is under the age of 18. We cannot ignore such a large group of individuals in need.

About Us

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To provide a Christian home, family and education to the impoverished youth in our communities.


After a shocking visit to an orphanage in Tijuana in 2003 with their church from San Diego, Joe and Esther Valenzuela decided that they couldn't ignore the devastating situation of abandoned children in Mexico. Joe recalls "It had conditions that we wouldn't even keep our animals in." They promptly sold their business in San Diego and in 2006 they began Casa Estrella Foundation as part of Lord Loves the Children Foundation. It started with Casa Hogar Estrella: a Christian home, located in Rosarito, Mexico, for girls who have been separated from their families. With Joe and Esther living in the house as foster parents, they make it very clear: "we are not an orphanage; we are a home and a family."

However, the vision has always included education. Too many orphans grow up with little or no schooling and when they leave their orphanages, they don't have the necessary skills to find professional work. In 2012 Casa Estrella Foundation officially opened Colegio Estrella de la Mañana: a Christian school for children in the community as well as for the girls in the home. The school aims to give children and youth the highest standard of education while also teaching them about God's love for them and encouraging them to seek out his plans for their lives.

In 2013 the foundation's model expanded with the inclusion of an aquaponics system, which provides 100% organic food for the girls as well as for others in the community. It also creates an opportunity to train students in an internationally sought out trade.


At Casa Estrella Foundation we believe that family is the basis of society. Every child has the right to a home and a family to protect, care for, and equip them for the best possible future. With this in mind, we want to extend our reach to other families within our community.  Our upcoming project includes a plan to expand our aquaponics system in order to provide not only food, but training and jobs for single mothers and their families who are in need.  



Aquaponics is a food production system that combines aquaculture (the raising of fish, prawns, etc. in tanks) with hydroponics (the cultivating of plants in water) in a symbiotic and 100% organic environment.

We began this project in 2012 as a means of providing healthy food for the girls in our home. Now the project has grown and we are able to provide food for the people in the community around us as well as teach others how to create their own systems.

We are currently developing a training program at our school to equip the students with the skills necessary to work in this exciting trade.


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If you are interested in helping us to continue making a difference in these children's lives, please donate today. Here's how:

  • Checks can be made payable to "Casa Estrella Foundation" and sent to our San Diego office:          3588 Old Cobble Road, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Donations can also be made by PayPal. Simply click the 'Donate' below.


‚ÄčAll donations will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

We are also eagerly looking for volunteers to work with us on a regular basis. If you are interested in becoming involved in this ministry, please contact us!

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